The Surreal Story

Story of Surreal Planters

Surreal Planters – A Nature Innovations Brand

So Real They May Just Fool Mother Nature!

The first thing people notice when they see a Surreal Planter™ is the breathtaking beauty, this beauty is a function of the amazing realism. The bark looks just like the real thing, right down to the texture. The colors are real. The imperfections are real. The shapes and sizes are real. This is no accident. Designed by a professional set builder, Surreal Planters are molded from actual oak and birch logs, and painted by hand. They are truly works of art.

Surreal Performance Planters are constructed of a High-Density polyurethane. They are incredibly strong. In fact, if frozen or dropped, a Surreal Planter, even one filled with saturated dirt, is remarkably durable and difficult to crack or break. So, it stands to reason that the planter must be pretty heavy, right? Actually, no, a Surreal Planter is light. Very, very light!

The molds used to create a Surreal Planter are taken from actual oak and birch logs, so the physical resemblance is exceptional, right down to the authentic texture of the bark. The natural look of a Surreal Planter is designed to enhance the presentation of your plants without competing with them. This ensures they will never go out of style. The amazing realism is further enhanced in the finish, which is done by hand. Each planter is as much a work of art as it is science. The paint that is used is beyond tough and UV resistant so that your Surreal Planter will resist fading even after years in the hot sun.

A Surreal Planter is designed to retain the right amount of moisture in the soil, which means healthier plants and less frequent watering for you. The insulation properties of the planter are important as well. A Surreal Planter will keep plant roots cooler on scorching hot days and insulate them from freezing on frigid nights. The planter itself is impervious to weather—it can take anything Mother Nature can dish out—and will give you many seasons of enjoyment. You can even leave it out all winter long without worries.

Surreal Planters – A Nature Innovations Brand


“I love these planters and the many ways I can offer my customers endless arrangements; they are perfect for every season and any plant. It’s the perfect planter because everything looks better in nature.”

— Steve at Terra Garden Center,

Lakeville, MN

“Surreal Planters are great and can actually hold up to the Texas sun.”

— Christi at The Ridge,

Fredericksburg, TX

“Surreal Planters are unbelievably realistic; there are so many uses to design with them outside of just a planter.”

— Shane Friesenhahn,

Designer at The Botanical Mix, Dallas, TX